Sunday, November 16, 2008

16 Signs Your Home May Be Haunted

There is a chilling, riveting show on TV called "A Haunting" (Discovery Channel, 2pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday). The one hour show depicts allegedly true personal experiences with ghosts and demons. Actors reenact the events interspersed with interview clips from the actual victims and their families. Whether you believe in the afterlife or not, the one hour program is truly entertaining. It has given me a good scare at times, and I am grateful it doesn't air at night

From watching the show, certain patterns and similarities have occurred that I thought might be useful to know either before buying a home or afterwards. Here, for your amusement, is a list to guide you:

Your home may be haunted if:

1. You keep hearing someone call your name and no one is there. (or you could just be psychotic)

2. When sleeping, your blankets are pulled off of you.

3. The crosses on the walls turn upside down.

4. The temperature drops down suddenly in a room and it is August. And you don't have the A/C on.

5. When the real estate lady shows you the home, she not only refuses to go in but won't get out of her car.

6. The price of the home is way too good to be true.

7. You develop strange scratches on your body and they're not from your spouse.

8. Your child introduces you to his new playmate and there is nobody there, but you see a swing moving or toys moving.

9. You walk into your baby's room to find all of the stuffed animals in a circle, and no one in the house did it.

10. Cabinets doors keep opening by themselves.

11. The home was recently renovated.

12. A family member starts glaring at you and talking in a low, demonic voice.

13. The home used to be a funeral parlor/ site of a murder/ on top of a burial ground.

14. When you enter the rental property you find dishes with food on them - as if the prior residents ran from the house.

15. When viewing a potential home, you find the current residents huddled in one room telling you not to go upstairs.

16. All the windows are nailed shut.

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