Thursday, August 20, 2009

Lobster, Insanity, and Something About Mary

Yesterday was my birthday so I chose to go to a seafood restaurant for lunch with a friend. The restaurant wasn't fancy, but affordable. I had a craving for lobster pie.

As we were waiting to be seated a woman with four children came in. One of the kids must have had the swine flu, because he was hacking and coughing. I discreetly requested being seated far away from them.

The young waitress came over and took our drink order. Suddenly, a manager/supervisor came over in our face in an annoyed tone asking, "Did Mary [not her real name] come over?". I was stunned by this unexpected interruption and was speechless. She asked us again. We said yes, mostly to get rid of her. Another waitress came over and said to just say yes when asked about Mary. I figured poor Mary was either a new waitress or one that wasn't very good.

We got our drinks, after a bit of a wait. My friend was annoyed having to wait for her coffee. We were enjoying a conversation when again this manager came over and asked us if we wanted an appetizer. Her tone was still annoyed. I stuttered and said no. I was afraid of this lady. Would she hit us if Mary failed?
Not even two minutes later, the manager again came over and asked us if we ordered brandy. We told her we ordered coffee. She said, "oh, I smelled brandy" and walked away.

Things were temporarily quiet when an elderly woman got up and started singing in a wobbly voice, loudly. It was an old song, not familiar. There was a partial wall so I couldn't see if she was a customer or an employee. My friend said maybe she sings Happy Birthday and I threatened her not to mention it was my birthday. We asked another waitress, and she said the woman was an employee and she sings all the time. When the song was over, a little girl at the next table started singing, imitating her. We could hear a bunch of employees in the back room singing. Was there carbon monoxide in this place? Something in the water? We finished our meal and left.

Keep in mind I've been playing the game Left 4 Dead, killing zombies infected by a plague. These people weren't blue-grey tinged, but still I wish I had an Uzi, just in case.